Auchenreoch Glen

Auchenreoch Glen is a deeply incised valley 1.5km south-east of Bonhill containing a rare habitat of plants and grasses due to its soil composition

The grassed slopes within the site support calcareous grassland and wet flushes. Calcareous grassland is a special type of habit associated with thin soil, such as chalk and limestone and is species rich. (L&G: Why is this important?) Plants on calcareous grassland are typically short and hardy and include grasses and herbs such as clover.

Auchenreoch Glen is notable for comprising two vegetation communities that are rare in Scotland.

On the more stable slopes, mainly in the eastern half of the site, the community is dominated by Wild Thyme. and false brome grass. It is surrounded by dense stands of bracken. (L&G: Brackens future impact?)

On the south side of the Glen, a grassland community of mouse-ear hawkweed exists. This is very rare in Scotland out with the south-east. Here it is at the extreme north-western limit of its range, being typical of chalk and limestone soils in England.

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Auchancreoch Glen
Auchancreoch Glen
Auchancreoch Glen


The possibility that bracken surrounding the calcareous grassland may expand further is of some concern.

Expansion of scrub could also reduce the extent of species-rich grassland, by shading and by preventing grazing animals from gaining access.

Any increased scrub growth identified within the notified habitats will need to be physically removed where possible

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Conduct an assessment of current condition related to the Springs (including flushes) and Lowland calcareous grassland

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