Dumbarton Muir

Located on the back of Bellsmyre, grassland and blanket bogs litter the area.

What's There

Offers a wide range of grasslands and modified blanket bogs.

Offers upland Heathland which bring a wide range of plant life throughout the area

Brings typical Moorland wildlife to the area (species, plants, bryophytes, and birds)

Access point

The area offers a walking path leading up Dumbarton Muir, to get onto the walking path follow Beechwood Drive onto Murroch Cres right onto Broomhill Cres , take your first left the and follow the path down for 1.2 km. View map

Visiting our community Woods

Scottish Natural Heritage’s Outdoor Access website contains information about our responsibilities when visiting our woodlands - More details

Other Information

More information on walks and trails through the area can be found on the GetOutside website: https://getoutside.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/local/dumbarton-muir-west-dunbartonshire

More information on the area with maps in greater detail can be found on the Mindat website: https://www.mindat.org/loc-18058.html

Dumbarton Muir
Dumbarton Muir
Dumbarton Muir


Not currently Maintained

How can we help?

Take note and record any wildlife in the area

List measures the could be taken to improve the area

Map out accesses to the area

Take any litter you have or find.

Tell us about your visit

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