Dumbarton Rock

Dumbarton Rock is one of the best known landmarks in West Dunbartonshire and one of the key areas with the history of Dumbarton

What's There

Located between the River Clyde and the River Leven brings a different range of wildlife the area, with some common fish and bugs, also home to some cliff nesting birds

Only one walk is accessible throughout the area but does ascend 240 feet allowing for some basic flora around.

Most of the cliff sides are covered in moss attracting a wide range of birds and bug to the area promoting the moss the keep growing.

Access point

Coming of the A814, turning right onto Castle Road, following this road down will take you to the bottom of the stair leading up to Dumbarton Rock.

Visiting our community Woods

Scottish Natural Heritage’s Outdoor Access website contains information about our responsibilities when visiting our woodlands - More details

Other Information

More information regarding what goes on in the area can be found on the geology Glasgow website: https://geologyglasgow.org.uk/docs/017__074__publications__Final_Printers_Dumbarton_Rock_Leaflet__1329125115.pdf

More information regarding the history of Dumbarton Rock can be found on the Historical environment website: https://www.historicenvironment.scot/visit-a-place/places/dumbarton-castle/history/

Dumbarton Rock
Dumbarton Rock
Dumbarton Rock

Currently managed by West Dunbartonshire Castle

How can we help?

Explore and take note on the wildlife and surroundings.

Map out entrance point and other none recorded routes.

Take any litter you may have or may find.

Make a list of potential measures to protect the area.

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