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Climate Action

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Our climate is changing, our weather patterns are different, we see it and we experience it. The Scottish Government declared a climate emergency in 2019, recognising the transformational change required across society to reduce the risk to society.

Our food choices and waste impact climate change. Refer to Food waste & Food miles: My Learn and Grow for more details.

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West Dunbartonshire Council is creating a Climate Action Strategy on our behalf which will help us plan for how to tackle climate change as a community and work towards the zero-carbon goal for Scotland by 2045.

More information can be found via West Dunbartonshire Council’s climate change website

Reducing the amount of food waste and using more locally grown food reduces our Carbon footprint.

Working with food growing groups in schools, nurseries, and community’s, we will practice and apply actions in support of 'Learning for Sustainability' goals.

Sustainable Development Goals
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Our Community Eco Plan will help people increase the amount of local grown food they use and reduce food waste.

See Communities ECO Plan and WD Scorecard (

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