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Before 1870, the area which later became Clydebank, was largely rural, and agricultural which consisted of some villages (Hardgate, Faifley, Duntocher, Dalmuir, Old Kilpatrick), farms and estates. The town of Clydebank developed around the Thomson shipyard, built in 1871, and subsequently the Singer sewing machine factory, over time it came to subsume these villages, creating the single settlement which is recognisable today. Clydebank, like Dumbarton, sits between the River Clyde and the Kilpatrick Hills.

There are three local green networks within Clydebank, these include green spaces such as Boquhanran Park, Kilbowie Cemetery and the John Brown Recreation Ground. Due to the densely developed nature of Clydebank, particularly central and eastern parts, mean that green network ‘stepping stones’ and ‘isolated green spaces’ are particularly important.

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