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Projects: My Learn and Grow – Food Waste

According to Zero Waste Scotland, food waste cost the average Scottish Household a whopping £440.00 a year, that’s equivalent to approximately ¾ of the average electricity bill.

To combat this we held our first schools environmental science project in 2018, the students presented their recommendations to reduce our food waste and it’s carbon footprint impact. Amongst the prize winners pictured below were Auchnacraig Nursery, Clydebank, Knoxland Primary School, Dumbarton and Levenvale Primary School, Alexandria.

In 2018, we held our first schools environmental science project with schools presenting their food waste carbon footprint impact and food waste reduction recommendations. Among the prize winners was Auchnacraig Nursery, Knoxland PS and Levenvale PS.

Projects: My Learn and GrowLevenvale PS Food Waste reduction team

Projects: My Learn and GrowKnoxland PS Food Waste Reduction team

Projects: My Learn and GrowInformation stand about growing food locally

The participating schools demonstrated how food waste can be reduced by making small changes like planning meals, creating shopping lists, know your ‘use by’ dates, using and freezing left overs.

In a small one day trial, one school reduced their food waste by 50% by increasing the pupils awareness of the impact and cost of food waste, another school reduced food waste going to landfill by composting vegetable waste.

Both trials estimated a cost of food waste across pupils households of £140,000 per year, so there is a lot of improvement to be done.

We are always looking for inspiring ideas and projects to be showcased at the West Dunbartonshire Environmental awards so if you have one please do not hesitate contact us via the email below.

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