How Learn and Grow Works

Learn and Grow space

Our approach is focused on the long-term sustainability of Learn and Grow in our schools and communities.

Providing resources is only a first step. Additional steps are required to help Learn and Grow makes a lasting contribution to our schools and communities

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Our community, Residents, Parents and Education staff identified the following factors as key to the sustainability of Learn and Grow

School Leadership commitment

We recommend 3 staff be established as Project leaders ensuring ongoing project leadership and continuity.

Agreed outcomes and goals are set and reviewed on a quarterly basis by Learn and Grow staff, school and project leadership, participating staff and pupils and parents.

Regular activities

An activity plan will be agreed and ready for implementation from the start of each school year. The plan will reflect activities both in school and using our community’s natural heritage resources.

Transition focus and support

Learn and Grow will increase transition connections between nurseries, school nurseries.

The application of a Learn and Grow Family Skills passport will encourage family’s participation and confidence.

Maintaining the space

Activities continue throughout the holiday period ensuring growing spaces and resources are ready for use at the beginning of each school year.

A maintenance plan will be ready for the start of each school year and training provided how to maintain the space.

Training & Resources

We provide a standard Learn and Grow materials pack, seeds, tools and a Resource pack.

Learn and Grow Resource pack; providing training, guidance, documentation and a signposted community of support and expertise to draw upon.

We provide staff and families/volunteers with training and support.

Family and Community

We define roles and structures, so everyone knows what they need to do to.

Learn and Grow will work with schools establishing a Learn and Grow parent/community group and will be a focal point for community engagement within the school and community.

Growing West Dunbartonshire provides regular monthly information forums and community visits which are open to school staff, parents and pupils.

Reward and recognition

Families will have the opportunity to gain practical experience via the RHS Campaign for School gardening.

The Growing West Dunbartonshire network holds an annual Spring event for pupils and their families to show case project activities.

A partnership agreement will be used to record agreed arrangements’ which like the email address is present for all tabs.

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