Auchnacraig ELCC,
Faifley Road Faifley, Clydebank, G81 5BQ
01389 804446

Auchnacraig ELCC

Auchnacraig ELCC

Come rain or shine. Making our outdoor spaces places of learning and adventures, Come and join us, plant veg, find bugs, visit our community woodlands, streams and allotments. Plant a tree, grow a bulb. Have fun!

Our Aims

Increase amount of outdoor hours experienced by children.

Plant a total of 10 trees before winter season.

Attend training session and create gardening plan.

What our garden has!

Below you will fine the following growing spaces within the Auchnacraig ELCC Garden. As we gain more facitities within our garden, this will be updated.

  • 4 Raised Beds

  • 7 Fruit Trees

  • Sensory Herb Garden

  • Square Foot Garden

  • Polytunnel