Bonhill Community Woodlands
Broomhill, Beechwood and Croft Huggan Woods

A series of community-based woodland located to the east of the New Bonhill area with a mixture of broadleaved and mixed plantation. Walking distance from our Bonhill Community

What's There

Mature Oaks, conifers, birch and willow

Common wildlife

Provides connectivity links to Murroch Glen and the rough pastures above.

Access point

From Stirling Road, Croft Huggan Woods can be accessed from Redburn - View map

Visiting our community Woods

Scottish Natural Heritage’s Outdoor Access website contains information about our responsibilities when visiting our woodlands - More details

Other Information

Historical information about the parish of Bonhill is available at The Vale of Leven, a historical reference website loaded with wonderful facts about our Vale. - More details

Scotland’s environment website provides a gateway everything you want to know about Scotland’s environment. It brings together environmental information and data in one place so that is easy to search, discover, analyse and interpret. - More details

Bonhill Community Woodlands
Bonhill Community Woodlands
Bonhill Community Woodlands


Low potential for invertebrates and birds.

Lots of felled conifers.

New path created due to recent Barret homes development next to Croft Huggan

• Limited community use or awareness: There is limited management of the woodland and no formal recreational access, therefore significant potential to improve the woodlands as a green network resource for residents and local schools

How can we help?

Opportunity for replacing progressively fell conifers with oak and native shrubs.

Increase community awareness and use of the woodland areas for recreation, learning and enhancing Bonhill for future generations.

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